[Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf]
[Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf]

Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf

The purpose of the Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf is to help businesses thrive in Bettendorf’s downtown by upholding the well-being of DTBB members.


To serve as a highly visible organization that promotes Bettendorf’s downtown area.

  • Actively support DTBB members’ needs
  • Work for responsible economic development and growth that focuses on protecting existing downtown businesses
  • Attract start-ups and fledgling businesses to the downtown
  • Inform DTBB members of critical issues and maximize their involvement
  • Facilitate easy communication between members
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Quote of Note
"It’s a lot of money, in excess of $200 million."
- Gary Moore, I-74 Bridge Task Force
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