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      Document Highway Finance—Entering the Second Century Summarizes need for better methods of financing new or existing highways, including tolls.
      [ 06/01/96  |  more info ]
      Document Standardizing Electronic Toll Collection The ability to perform nonstop automatic toll collection, without the addition of costly toll booths, makes congestion pricing considerably easier, less costly, and more user-friendly to implement.
      [ 09/01/92  |  more info ]
      Document How to "Build Our Way Out of Congestion" The combination of innovative highway redesign, separation of types of traffic, toll financing, variable pricing, and electronic toll collection will allow us to offer drivers real alternatives to gridlocked freeways. Using these methods in combination, we CAN build our way out of congestion.
      [ 01/01/99  |  more info ]
      Document The Market for Private Toll Projects in the United States Engineering, construction, and development firms identified as key success factors for private tollway projects (1) local political support, (2) minimal environmental problems, and (3) state enabling legislation.
      [ 05/01/92  |  more info ]

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"The Bridge is structurally sound."
- Fred Dean, IDOT Planner
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