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How To Fix I-74 Traffic by bjg
IDOT: "The Bridge Is Structurally Sound" by bjg
IDOT Gets "A" For "Helpful" Prior To April 8 Meet by bjg
QCTimes Has Wrong IDOT Meeting Dates by bjg
Coverage: I-74 Corridor Project Meeting 07/10/02 by Stephanie Smith
Another Bridge Fabrication by bjg
Response to Moline Alderman by deann_soults
Build New and Revamp I-74 by Ferenc (Frank) Beiwel
Fix the Funding Dilemma for Upstream Bridge by Frank (Ferenc) Beiwel
Diane Oestreich: Save Our "Signature" Bridges by Diane Oestreich
Letter to Iowa Dept. of Transportation by R.Romic

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"You’ve got a very large dollar figure project in a community that’s not very large. How are you going to cover it?"
- Richard Bender, senior legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Tom Harkin
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