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Letter to Iowa Dept. of Transportation
Friday January 09, @02:59PM, by R.Romic
Subject : Bridge Issues
Summary :

Opposed to the Interstate 74 construction project for many reasons, including some of the following...

Text :

January 9, 2004

Catherine Cutler Field Services Coordinator Iowa Department of Transportation District 6 Office 430 16th Avenue, SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52406 800-866-4368

My name is Robert Romic Jr. I live at 1628 Grant Street, Bettendorf, Iowa. I have lived at this address since 1977. I am opposed to the Interstate 74 construction project for many reasons, including some of the following:

  1. I have reviewed the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) conducted by Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT). In the DEIS, the safety of the existing bridge is called into question due to “driver tension”. That term is ambiguous and vague. May I please have a definition of this term?

  2. Why was the former J.I Case plant not included as a possible contaminated site?

  3. The proposed rewidening is said to help alleviate the traffic congestion in the area. Renaming some of the signs on Interstate 80 and 280 will do the same thing by redirecting the traffic sent through the Quad Cities by way I-74.

  4. I spoke to my alderman and asked how much money the city of Bettendorf would lose, with the demolition of the 30-60 propertities located in downtown Bettendorf for the new I-74 Bridge. He could not tell me. I then spoke to the city planner and raised the same question. He could not tell me, though he did say that it was a good question. I then went to the city administrator and asked the same question. He informed me that he did not have that figure available but would provide that cost to me soon. My concern is, it seems like this $1 billion dollar project is being pushed through with the city officials not really aware of the ramifications.

  5. The only reason this project is being done is due to most of the funding will be paid by federal highway tax dollars. This project is absurd, not well thought out and does not offer any vision for future growth of the cities of Bettendorf and East Moline, where the 3rd bridge is planned 10-15 years from now. If the city planners, county officials and state authorities were diligent in their responsibilities, they would stop the I-74 project. To continue with this project is a crime to the citizens of the area, the states of Iowa and Illinois, along with every taxpayer in the country.

Thank you,
Robert Romic Jr.
1628 Grant Street
Bettendorf, Iowa

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Quote of Note
"The Bridge is structurally sound."
- Fred Dean, IDOT Planner
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