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Cutting Costs Of The Storm Water Utility
Friday February 28, @09:04AM, by Brian Gillette
Subject : Politics
Summary :

We have till 2008. So what's the rush?

Text :

Your business is slow. Youíre slashing costs everywhere. Suddenly, youíre whacked with a new expense: $250,000 for startup, plus $250,000 expenses each year. Thereís one light at the end of the tunnel: You have five years to fully comply with the requirements. As a business person, what would you do?

  1. Trim the new expense down to the absolute minimum required for compliance at each stage.

  2. Determine how to meet each compliance level without incurring additional costs. (For example, one division could loan its equipment and personnel on an as-needed basis.)

  3. Farm out everything possible to avoid on-going carrying costs. If you need an environmental analysis for a given project, hire an engineer for the project and charge the expense to the project. Same goes for additional legal work.

  4. Donít go out of your way to incur new costs. If you arenít currently required to analyze or acquire easements for existing properties, donít.

At first blush, it seems to me that the city could loan its existing sewer cleaning truck for storm water maintenance as needed. Contract out legal and environmental analysis per project, with costs charged to the individual project.

We have five years to be fully up-and-running. Why not use the clock to our advantage?

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