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Storm Water Utility
Wednesday February 26, @10:31AM, by Wally Mook, Director of Public Works
Subject : Politics
Summary :

Wally Mook's response to the flier on the proposed storm water utility in Bettendorf.

Text :

I received a copy of the flier that went out to the Bettendorf businesses and I wanted to help with a couple of misconceptions. First, the information on the estimated storm water fees for the businesses listed is incorrect. This is old information. The current proposal is $1 per runoff unit per month, not $3. A runoff unit is called an ERU and is equal to 2,200 sq ft of impervious area. For as many businesses as we have information, the revised rates are shown in a chart under Storm Water Utility at the City's web site. Second, there is a perceived disparity between the residential community and the business community regarding the contributions from each. The issue is not one of percentage of the developed area of Bettendorf but rather one of runoff vs. no runoff. Yes, the residential community makes up 75% of the total area, but most of the impervious area is located in the commercial sector. The runoff unit was determined to be the average amount of impervious area on a residential lot. This unit is applied to the business community by dividing the total amount of impervious area for any non-residential property by the runoff unit of 2,200. This number times $1 is the monthly rate for that property. If you examine the rate structure for storm water utilities in other communities, like Moline, Rock Island or Des Moines, you will find that the proposed utility for Bettendorf is very competitive and in fact less expensive than these communities. I look forward to the meeting at the Holiday Inn on Thursday, Feb 27 to discuss this issue further and listen to your concerns. Hopefully, this has helped to clear up some misunderstandings.

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