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IDOT Gets "A" For "Helpful" Prior To April 8 Meet
Monday July 01, @02:59PM, by bjg
Subject : Bridge Issues
Summary :

IDOT staff was helpful and professional leading up to the April 8th meeting of the Iowa Highway Commissioners.

Text :

As I prepared for the DTBB presentation to the Iowa Highway Commissioners at Jumer's on April 8th, I found that every Iowa Department of Transportation staff member I met was highly professional and helpful.

I believed then that planners had fallen victim to GIGO (Garbage-In-Garbage-Out). While the results of their calculations seem to indicate that a new I-74 bridge is of surpassing need to the state of Iowa, the summaries are based on questionable projections provided by local entities. Today, I am more convinced of this than ever.

From the start of our quest, DTBB had been told by local officials and others that the new I-74 Bridge is a political problem between DTBB and the state(s). Since the Iowa Highway Commissioners are the political officials closest to ownership of the I-74 Project, they seemed to be the logical point-of-entry for a political solution.

I believe the Commissioners are here to help the state avoid making dumb… and expensive… mistakes. Their visit to Bettendorf was rewarded with input from DTBB that they may never have heard otherwise.

In retrospect, I see nothing that reveals this logic to be faulty.

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