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Birth of a New Movement in Bettendorf
Wednesday June 26, @11:19AM, by abg
Subject : Announcements
Summary :

On the twenty-first day of March, 2002, at 8:17 p.m., a new group, the Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf (DTBB) officially opened for business.

Text :

"I move that we form a new organization," urged Mike Johnson.

"I second that motion," pushed Bev Dominacki.

Before moderator Brian Gillette could finish asking for a vote, thirty-six souls hurled hands toward ceiling.

On the twenty-first day of March, 2002, at 8:17 p.m., a new group, the Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf (DTBB) officially opened for business.

Priorities include studying the entire I-74 Bridge Project, the Downtown Redevelopment Project, analyzing Bettendorf city finances and setting up a vote-monitoring database, which will allow voters to track elected officials’ voting records.

A limited overview:

  • I-74 Project Leader DeAnn Soults provided an exhaustive overview of her impression of the impact of bridge expansion on downtown businesses. Lively discussion ensued.

  • Jim Rodgers gave members a concise summary of the City of Bettendorf’s current financial condition.

  • Vince Barrett’s comment,"If we want to understand the decisions they’re making, we must follow the money", was roundly approved. Dave Smith concurred. "Focus on city spending and property taxes."

  • After Brian Gillette described how a new baseball diamond pushes out a shooting range thus costing taxpayers a quarter of a million dollars, Don Keller proffered an alternative insight. According to Don, fifteen hundred kids needed that diamond.

  • Ralph Medd’s comment that a city should concentrate on infrastructure, first, last and always drew the cry,"You’re looking at our next mayor!"

  • Several members asked that a list of city, state and federal officials be posted on the website, as well as a calendar of upcoming City meetings. Webmaster Aaron Gillette said most of the information would be posted by the end of the following day.

  • Next meeting was set for April 11th, 7 p.m. at Praise Fellowship. Many thanks to Pastor Mark Jacobsen and his congregation for opening their church for the event. Fabulous cookies, Mark!

Consensus: Together, the Downtown Businesses of Bettendorf can make a positive impact on our community while stabilizing employment and property taxes. Bob Salyers summed it up: "I’ve been to hundreds of meetings, but tonight’s was the most informative and enjoyable."

Dave Bayles added, "I’m pumped!"

We all are, Dave.

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Quote of Note
"You’ve got a very large dollar figure project in a community that’s not very large. How are you going to cover it?"
- Richard Bender, senior legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Tom Harkin
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